Yuru Camp Specials – Hora Camp

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Sorry we’re like a whole season late! The second of Yuru Camp’s specials is here; please enjoy! Number three soonerish kind of!


Sobaudon returns. Go back to Episode 6’s Room Camp if you’ve forgotten what the joke is there.

The main note this episode is about the title, which is used throughout the episode. ‘Hora’ (法螺, but more commonly in kana) stems (probably) from the ‘horagai’ (法螺貝), the Japanese name of Charonia tritonis (‘Triton’s trumpet’). Big conch shell; makes a sound when you blow it. This trumpet-blowing evolved over time to mean telling tall tales, or exaggerating in general (it is, though, a bit different from ‘blowing one’s own horn’). Or rather, to blow the horn (ほらを吹く, ‘hora wo fuku’) is associated with that, while by extension the tales or stories themselves would be (roughly) the ‘hora’.

So ‘hora’ was translated as ‘bull’, ‘horafuku’ as ‘spouting bull’, etc. This bull (meaning nonsense or lies or whatever else; I’m sure you know) actually has a separate etymology from ‘bullshit’, though they’ve ended up meaning close to the same thing.

The ability to use ‘bull sisters’ (ほら吹き姉妹) is also a very fortunate coincidence.

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Yagate Kimi ni Naru – 01

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Hey peeps, Myaamori here, stepping in as a translator for the season. Today we’re bringing you the first episode of a show I’m rather excited about as a long-time yuri fan, as it’s perhaps the first proper yuri drama in almost a decade, since Aoi Hana. The story follows Yuu, in her quest to understand what love really is, and her relationship with the one year older Nanami. The first episode is already off to an excellent start, and having already read the manga I’m very happy to actually see it in animated form. I hope the rest of you are as excited about it as I am!