Hisone to Masotan – 02

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The goofy hat only makes her cuter

Butts: the episode. And a couple things to mention once more. Domenico Vacca is a real Italian clothes designer. If you don’t recognize Ikushima’s voice, you should watch Yuri Kuma Arashi. If you don’t recognize Jugemu, you should watch Joshiraku. And just to round it out at three, you should watch Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda too. Now, be off and enjoy all the innuendo in a show with thoroughly unerotic art.

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Amanchu! ~Advance~ 02

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Don’t call me Kokoro-chan!

They really weaved together a lot of different plotlines this episode, and it ended up becoming a wonderful tapestry. It’s that balance of loveliness yet gravity of reality that pulls the show together. Even though I love the students, it feels like I’m at the point where I can relate to Mato-sensei the most. It’s a bit worrying, but at the same time, I can be inspired by Pikari too.

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Hisone to Masotan – 01

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Something only I can do…

Welcome back to Okada’s wild ride. Please keep your hands and feet safely inside the cockpit, be aware of your surroundings, sit back, and enjoy your flight. It was really quite incredible how much research this show has required after even a single episode, and I’d like to share a tiny bit of that information here for your benefit.

Military Ranks, as indicated by insignia
Hisone and Nao are Airman Third Class
Okonogi is an Airman First Class
Kakiyasu is a Lieutenant Colonel
Sosoda is a Major General

As usual, there were a couple of interesting references and jokes snuck in. For one, the term “HePiRe” is pronounced the same as the word 屁っ放り, meaning a useless person. There’s also the net slang マジレス, literally meaning serious response, which a couple people I consulted suggested was akin to being “baited”. And minor metals are a real thing, look it up if you’re curious. Other than that, I fucking love this shit, it’s like coming back home after dealing with Lostorage a year and a half ago in addition to two year Okada withdrawal symptoms. What’s really interesting is watching this in the context of her earlier movie Kokosake and how her two protagonists contrast with one another. I have high expectations, and I’m ready to go.

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v1 patch: Extract and run the .bat in the episode folder to fix the main font

Amanchu! ~Advance~ 01

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Welcome back to that beautiful sea…

Despite being Advance, I’ve got to say that Teko was quite Aggressive! How lucky we are that this got a second season. It looks like Kokoro and Pikari’s imouto are here, which means that we should be getting into supernatural territory and hopefully the Peter storyline too! I’m always up for more Amano Kozue and her lovely worldview, so I hope you’re ready to take a dive and go exploring in yet another beautiful, blue world with us.

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Amanchu! — 13 (OVA)

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Akari and Aika’s ancestors!

Whoa, where’d this come from?! I finally found the time and motivation to get this done (cough cough season 2), and I forgot just how much I loved this show somehow. Other subs have been out for this for a long time, so this is really just for my own selfish benefit and the feeling of accomplishment, but if you haven’t seen it yet or have been waiting, then please enjoy! Tomorrow we’ll be working on the new season, and from here on out we’ll try to get it done on the date of airing.

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A plea for help (Update #2)

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Well… this is a bit awkward, isn’t it?

I guess I should start by introducing myself.

I am joletb and I create subtitles and video encodes, you might know me as the guy who runs Asenshi or also the guy who spends obscene amounts of hours on scenefiltering video encodes, but you probably know me from the former.

Now I didn’t expect for this to happen but as it turns out, my HDD seems to be slowly dying.
I mean, not only that but my entire PC has been really kinda on the brink of death for the past year or so.
Not surprising, considering it’s (almost) a decade old!
As such, I will probably need a replacement PC in the near future. You might now be asking yourself “But why don’t you get an actual job?”
Well, you see, it’s not really that easy. Especially when you deal with chronic pain almost daily and getting jobs has never been really harder.

Long story short, I need money for a new PC. Now the good thing is that I’ve already collected some money via the kindness of other fansubbers but I still need about $1200 $1000.
The reason I need that much money is not only because of the higher prices of GPUs but also because it’s getting shipped from another country and I need a PC that would be able to sustain me for a good 5-10 years. In that time, I will have likely found a job and would never need to ever do this again.

If you can spare any amount of money, it would mean the world to me, any amount helps.

Donation page

Current donation status: $1362 / $1000 (this counts all methods of donations)

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

UPDATE #1: I’ve got some good news!
I’ve managed to find all the parts locally as a prebuilt PC thus eliminating the need to pay for customs, save for the monitor, which still needs to be shipped.

Because of this, I’ve managed to shorten down the goal to $1000!

Also, I’d like to take this moment to thank everybody who has donated up till now, you guys are amazing!

UPDATE #2: Thanks to a very, very kind individual the amount has been met much earlier than expected, thus ending this donation campaign. However, I want to thank every single one of you who have pledged any amount of money to this. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to fully repay this but I’ll try by fansubbing a lot, I guess. You guys are all amazing and this would have never been possible without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to continue doing my passion.

(If you are somehow still pledging to the account, you can safely remove your pledge.)