Little Witch Academia – 08

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my mom told me not to watch saucy pictures on the internet; i think i’m safe

Spaghetti with mushroom sauce is one of my go-to recipes. Cut mushrooms into stripes, sear them, add cream sauce. Put that on your noodles (you know how to cook noodles, right?), and heap ungodly amounts of grated cheese on sauce and noodles. When I say ungodly amounts, I mean Xenogears-style god-slaying amounts. Eat while watching an episode of anime. Maybe even Little Witch Academia? This episode would certainly work.


Little Witch Academia – 07

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Ursula’s good, but she’s not quite “great” level yet

So there were a couple things I think bear mentioning. The first is how the TOEIC exam is scored, for us native English speakers. All you need to know is that the scores go from 10-990 potential points. The next is what I’m pretty sure is a reference to the Babymetal song Ijime, Dame, Zettai. Give it a listen, it’s pretty good.

This episode had incredible usage of line spacing, timing, and silence. This is really a unique use of humor that’s different from the past episodes. Thank Trigger for the wide variety of staff.