Anitore! XX – 05

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my main man andalusia at it again

my main man andalusia at it again

There’s a bit of a divide whether or not you should stretch before working out. Personally, I don’t. If you’re going to go through complex motions with your joints, I don’t think it’s best to stretch out your muscles beforehand.

Warming up is a good idea, of course, as is stretching after exercising. I never stretch when I enter the pool or the gym, but I do some ten laps of slow swimming or get on the stationary bike and make sure to not skip a step in my twenty-minute post-workout stretching program.


Kiznaiver BD Vol. 5

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googling “niiyama nico” with safesearch off

As you may have heard, Boom Boom Satellites singer Kawashima Michiyuki died earlier this month. His bandmate Nakano Masayuki wrote that Kawashima was now soaring around the world, finally freed from the restrictions of his body. “His passing is not a tragedy, but the achievement of a lifetime goal and a happy ending”. Let’s hope that is true.


Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 03

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Idol Shoujo Magical Aaya, here to save the day!

Idol Shoujo Magical Aaya, here to save the day!

I think Akira and Mirurun had a little bit of fun after the last round of Selector battles ended. Also we figured out that her name had to be Aaya, for reasons that will be obvious upon watching. And if you’re interested in what all the Signi names mean, I’d suggest heading over to the Wixoss Wikia. That should make it more obvious what all of the references are.


Anitore! XX – 03

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face down ass up that's the way we like to work on good posture and balance

face down ass up that’s the way we like to work on good posture and balance

While I was working on this episode, I was texting with a friend who sprained her ankle today. I suggested stabilizing exercises before since she’s always had unstable ankles, but she didn’t listen. Be smarter than my friend: Invest in a wobble board, and use it regularly.


Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 02

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tfw you're caught looking at porn

tfw you’re caught looking at porn

Okay, so I realized it might be beneficial to explain some of the names in this series like I did last time so that we’re all clear and there are no misunderstandings.

  • Ril/Mel: It’s fucking Ril and Mel, which anyone could know if only they took five minutes to do their research and read the promotional material.
  • Nanashi: Literally “no name”. Or “74”, if you like crazy ideas.
  • Mama: Mama. We all understand this is English, right?
  • Guzu/Guzuko: Slow [girl].
  • Onee-san: Refers to a girl, generally teenage to young twenties, who is not necessarily related to oneself. I know it’s confusing because it also means older sister, but this specific form (with the “O” prefix and “san” suffix) is the one used for strangers. Think of it as an extension of the Japanese collectivist culture or something.
  • Hambur/Ketch/etc: These are foods.
  • Ferma/Descart/etc: Short for Fermat, Descartes, and so on.
  • Cunning: Wasei-eigo for cheating.
  • Ganbatte/Ganba: All right, this is the hardest thing we had to pick, and sorry if it sounds awkward. Ganbaru is the generic “do your best” or “work hard” phrase, and it’s not as if ganba is some mystical crazy never-used word or anything, but we wanted to make it very clear that it’s a shortening. After much deliberation, we went with “go all in” for the long version and “all in” for the short version.
  • ドーナ/あーや: Haven’t decided how to write these in English yet.
  • Kiyoi: Pure garment, or more accurately, best girl.