Little Witch Academia – 02

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I love the bitch witches, Hanna and Barbera. They have an eye for leaders too

I thought I was done with magic card games for girls, but it seems I was wrong. Just make Barbera play blue and we have Wixoss all over again. Special thanks to Laxx for the hot new banner.

joletb here: With this post, we’re announcing that we will be also doing the BDs of LWA! Look forward to even more magic!


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru BD Batch

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If you care about them, you can become friends. If you care for each other, you can become many times stronger. You can conjure up unlimited determination! There may be many sad or painful things in the world you can’t do anything about by yourself. But if you’re with people you love, you’ll never break down! You’ll never give up! Because of the people you love, you’ll be able to stand up again and again! That’s why heroes never lose!!!

Just in time for the New Year and season 2 of YuYuYu, featuring both Washio Sumi and the sequel. This release uses FFF’s subs as a base. Enjoy the show in the quality it deserves and get ready for more heroing.


Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 12

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Look ever onwards, memories the winds at your back

We’ve reached the end of our third Wixoss season. I’m starting to feel like anything I touch from a toy company will end up being an endless anime. This was certainly an exciting and unique journey, despite any expectations we had coming in. And who knows; this might not be the last time we meet. Joyeux Noël, and enjoy your card games.

Staff credits later


Anitore! XX – 12

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localhost, ephemere, akatsukin, fyurie, ianu, and joletb wish you a merry christmas

This episode comes with a neat idea how to combat Christmas dinner bloat and maintain your exercise routine over the holidays. If your parents ask you what the fuck is wrong with you, just tell them Asenshi made you do it.



Anitore! XX – 11

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yukkuri asamicchi says: take it easy

I worked out on Monday despite feeling a bit under the weather and promptly fell ill. That was not one of my best ideas.

Are you a CR translator or editor? I recommend this for a nice leisurely evening read.