Yuru Camp – 12

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This wall’s not done just yet.

I’ve graciously been allowed to write this final post, so here I am.

I came into this thinking Yuru Camp would more or less be a shadow of Yama no Susume (the Δ’s because it’s the third season (the actual third season’s coming Summer; watch it!)) but it quickly showed itself to be something pretty different. Quality yuru’s always been at the heart of the show, and in these final two episodes Yuru Camp’s really brought it back; maybe things slowed down (or, uh, sped up?) a bit in the middle, but we’re back to where we were: a quiet, lovely campground with a view of Mount Fuji. ΔotS; can there be any contest? I hope you were all able to take it as easy as we weren’t. Thanks as always for watching Asenshi.


That’s all from me, but the other two have their bits to say, too:

Akatsukin: This was one of those “fun to watch, not to sub” shows, which is great yet also unfortunate. The time spent working on it seriously felt as slow as the title of the show implied. That said, I loved Nadeshiko and Rin (and all that Aoi art wink wink) and I’m glad we picked it up. However, I will definitely never simuledit again. For real this time. Also, sorry to the Wixoss fans, but I need to follow my girl to her new show. See you there.

joletb: i’m tired

p.s. We’ll be doing the BDs and Episode 0.

p.p.s. SSR’s still coming. Look forward to it!

Staff List:

Translation: Crunchyroll
Translation Checking: Akatsukin
Editing: tsuru
Timing: Akatsukin
Typesetting: joletb
Encoding: joletb
Quality Checking: Akatsukin, joletb (1-4)
Song Translation: Akatsukin
Song Styling: Akatsukin


18 thoughts on “Yuru Camp – 12

  1. Elin

    I’m sorta new to your fansub group, but you have easily become one of my favourites! I was not planning on picking up this show but since you subbed it I had to check it out, and boy am I glad I did. It has become on of my top shows this season 🙂
    I’m going to leave my future picks up to you. Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. genki


    Noticed a typo @5:39 Ep 12.

    “so went camping as a family just about every week when we were little.”

    should be “so WE went camping”.

  3. imouto's striped pantsu on the bathroom floor

    Thank you for your hard work fellas.
    This series deserved to be graced by Asenshi subs, and I’m glad it happened; You did a great service to the majestic bun.


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