Yuru Camp – 11

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Whoa cute camp lolis

This Japanese government propaganda to make me go outside and enjoy life almost didn’t work, even with this… but then they brought out the s’mores. That’s impossible to resist.

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11 thoughts on “Yuru Camp – 11

  1. Katsuhiro

    Government propaganda? Haha Maybe to foreigners but fact is camping has always been popular in japan many people of all age hike, climb and camp yes many go alone it is why we have so many trails and campsites Japanese people hardly ever travel outside of japan along with being safe. Anime is not serious it shows only very small part of japan life tho seems like some foreigners think everything in anime is real life but it is not but this camp show is accurate as to what lots of young people like camping its a popular fad youtube has tons of people here camping.

    1. joletb

      We are aware that the current situation is not ideal and I’ll make a post soon to ask about any possible other methods.

  2. Anon

    That may all be true, but anime in Japan is disproportionately watched by people with a tendency to stay indoors, right?
    So, adapting Yuru Camp to anime may very well have the effect of reaching the stay-indoor population and convince them to go outside and enjoy life.


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