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  1. Naktak

    Sorry, I don’t want to be rude, but what did you “translate” here ?
    I watched your release (all 5 Episodes) and the release with the “Horrible Subs” and I didn’t find any difference in the subtitles, for me they look exactly the same.
    Maybe I’m to old or to stupid to notice any difference, so please tell me how your Subs are “better” than the “horrible” ones.

    On the other hand, your Subs for “Violet Evergarden” show a great difference from the one with the “Horrible Subs”.
    For example your overuse of the word “ghostwriting” and using the word “Memoir” instead “Memory”
    (Personally I like the “Horrible Subs” better than your’s, but that’s just my own opinion)

    So I ask again, why is there a notable difference in the subs in only one of your works ?

    Is it because Yuru Camp is released with the “Horrible Subs” before your release, and you can take their subtitles (change a few words or maybe sentences) an than claim that the subtitles are your own ?

    For “Violet Evergarden” on the other hand you must translate it by yourself, because the other Version is released after yours, so that you can’t use these subtitles to work with ?

    1. Cezar

      They addressed this in the description of the first episode. Yuru Camp is an edit, and not an original translation. You’re picking at straws, old man.

    2. tsuru

      Hi, this is tsuru, editor, here to defend my honour. Before anything else, thanks for watching Asenshi.

      Yes, as mentioned in the first episode’s post, this is an edit of Crunchyroll’s translation; we’re indebted to them for it and they’ll be credited there. Our script’s consequently quite similar to CR’s, though ‘exactly the same”s rather a stretch: in every episode so far, at least half the lines have been changed in some manner or other, and it’s my position that every one of those changes is an improvement. I am, however, eminently fallible and so if you disagree with any of the decisions made I’m always happy to talk about them. If our subs are ever actually literally exactly the same as CR’s, we made a mistake with muxing. Script aside, we also provide the typical bells and whistles that come with fansubs: OP/ED subs, better styling, nicely typeset signs that almost kill joletb every week, etc.

      Evergarden’s an original translation, and so larger differences are naturally to be expected there. I don’t have hands on it, though, so I can’t really speak to much more than that.

      To everybody: please do come by the IRC channel to chat if you like. I personally like questions and I keep waiting for people to ask me them (ain’t anyone got some spicy opinions about Kujisuna’s romanization system?).

      1. Tinyjapanesegirl

        Oh. I forgot, that you’re trying to preserve the original signs, ehehe.

        Sometimes a simple replacement should be fine too – the ‘Restrooms’ sign was on the verge of readability. Those who appreciate kanzi can simply turn subs on/off; if a sign requires a pause to read, it isn’t a bother.

        Gokuro! (•̀ᴗ•́)و

  2. Ryanoymous

    “There’s nothing worse than accidentally napping your entire day off away.”

    actually, I think that accidentally fapping your entire day off away could be considered even worse


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