Yuru Camp – 01

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Yuru Camp, not Yuri Camp

Happy New Year, and welcome to our first choice of the Winter 2018 season! And what a wonderful start it is. This was an absolutely charming and heartwarming episode, from the animation and art, to the music, writing, and voice acting. This adaptation is being done by a writer I respect, and it’s the director’s first foray into heading an anime after having worked on several others including Yama no Susume. I think we’re in for a lovely, relaxing journey, so lay out those tents, build those fires, and get yourself comfy.

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PS: This is a heavy edit, not an original TL

18 thoughts on “Yuru Camp – 01

    1. zero

      If you enjoy boring relaxing SOL anime, then watch it

      I can’t wait for overlord 2, Seven Deadly sins 2, Fate extra etc

  1. TeruMoko♥

    I started watching with rather cynical expectations but this is seriously cute! Is this an Amanchu vibe I’m feeling? Regardless thanks for picking this one up!


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