Yuri Kuma Arashi — Episode 01

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First pick of the Winter 2015 season is Yuri Kuma Arashi. This is an original translation from Japanese. Allow me to take a few moments for a very important lesson:

百合 = Yuri = Lily
熊 = Kuma = Bear
嵐 = Arashi = Storm

That’s the only time I’m saying this. No matter how many times the school name shows up or girls are either named or labelled as “Lily/Yuri”, that’s on you. Other fun things include the name of the school, Arashigaoka, being the same name as the book Wuthering Heights in Japanese, Naporitan being a Japanese pasta dish based on Neopolitan (no it’s not spelled incorrectly), ガウ (gau) being a cute (?) version of the usual bear noise ガオ (gao), and ガリゴリ (gari/gori) being noises for teeth grinding and such. That should be about it. Enjoy your deconstruction of yuri.

23 thoughts on “Yuri Kuma Arashi — Episode 01

    1. Shirogai

      I am with you on that, that OP is whispered so softly my ears started to cry girly tears of Dafuq.
      Made it 5 minutes in and I found that this show is not for me, yuri is great but this feels way too cute to not be a brainwashing attempt.

  1. krechet1988

    >Akae Kachuusha.

    Should be Katyusha here. Dunno why authors used Russian name here and why not the main form (it will be equal to Kate-chan) but, you know, you should fix the writing cause real name is better than some nonsense compilation of letters

  2. Balmung

    Person in charge of the post this is a comment directed directly at you. Your an ass….I like your style! Also, don’t feed the yao guai that is all.


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