Yama no Susume Third Season – 03

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Nice, easy-going episode. I said we were back to typical last week, but we’re really back in the normal Susume groove this time: climbing mountains, complaining, having fun anyway. But we’ve got a couple bonuses in a fantastic new OP and some nice character interaction between a pair that we don’t usually see in isolation. I hope you enjoy it.

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Do you remember the Love Song of the Alps from the Second Season? If you haven’t heard it in its full masculine glory, as God intended, you should.

A serow is this terrifying goat/pig thing.

The Niou (仁王, ‘benevolent kings’) are the statues you see outside of some temples, a pair of extremely buff Buddhist gods who defend the faith. The one with his mouth open’s ‘A’, and the one with his mouth closed’s ‘Un’, which are the first and last sounds (or letters, syllables, take your pick) in Devanagari (and in Japanese, after a fashion) (compare also Alpha and Omega, in Greek as a name of God). If you’ve seen Kyousougiga, that may sound familiar. If you haven’t, go watch it.

And of course, WHAT ARE THOOOSE?!

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