Yama no Susume Third Season – 02

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After that atmospheric miracle what was the first episode, we’re back to more typical territory. Episode 2 doesn’t feel much at all like Yuru Camp (though Yukichi’s back, and he’s actually being used this time; the Yamas (bar Kokona) are rather better off than their hobo Yuru counterparts) and instead recalls the First Season in a number of different ways; especially, the main focus of the episode should remind you of a very similar shopping trip back in the OG. Also, contrasting the perfectly consistent and on-model first episode, there’s some very distinct, stylish animation and a fairly unconventional artstyle this time. Being fairly varied with respect to the visuals has always been one of the more interesting sides of Susume (alas, this season’s OP falls a bit short of the Second’s) (see also: Kancolle, but the game, not the anime), and it’s nice to see that coming back.

Great episode; what else can I say? Oh, right, the notes are what else I can say.

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The stamps on Aoi’s pole you’ll remember from the Second Season’s Fuji trip. The only thing that bears mentioning is that the ‘Prince’s Lodge’ (太子館) is named after Prince Shoutoku.

Fuji’s actually a fairly respectable mountain (especially given that everyone and their mother wants to climb it) so there is in fact a specified climbing season. This year, it happens to be July 10 to September 10, which is actually right now. Not the best timing on this episode.

I’m sure absolutely nobody cares, but by God I looked this up. The shoe names appear to be references to actual shoe brands or models or whatever: ジュラス is デュラス (‘Duras’), シンセンス is シンセシス (‘Synthesis’), レットイット is レットイング (‘Red Wing’), and I gave up on the rest.

Katou Buntarou (加藤文太郎): Showa mountaineer, famous for solo climbing. Died on Mt. Yari. A bit less famous than Uemura Naomi from the First Season (note that Aoi has no idea who he is), especially in the West.

The Japanese call the normal shoelace knot (the ‘bow knot’) the ‘butterfly knot’ (蝶々結び), but a butterfly knot is actually something else in English. Coincidentally, very common in mountaineering especially.

4 thoughts on “Yama no Susume Third Season – 02

  1. Anonymage

    Something felt very off about the animation in the first few minutes, especially the bench scene.

    >The only thing that bears mentioning is that the ‘Prince’s Lodge’ (太子館) is named after Prince Shoutoku.
    The regent family at the time named a child of theirs ‘fat kid’? That is rather straight-forward.

    1. tsuru Post author

      You gotta eat big to get big, anon; Hinata’s just trying to keep up her muscle mass.

      In case the Shoutoku thing isn’t a joke, 太子 (probably) means ‘crown prince’ (likely short for 皇太子, which is an enhancement of the typical 皇子, which was used for all imperial princes (if you’re wondering, 太 is just a step up from 大, and means ‘great’ (indeed, arguably ‘greatest’) in this context and not ‘fat’)). Whether he was simply granted that title as regent or whether he was actually next in line after Empress Suiko (or even whether 太子 meant ‘crown prince’ at that time) is something I don’t know. In any case, it’s a title and not his actual name, which is Umayado (厩戸, ‘stable door’), which actually is a dumb, straightforward name given after the location of his birth. Shoutoku appears to be a courtesy name given long after his lifetime.


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