Yagate Kimi ni Naru – 01

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Hey peeps, Myaamori here, stepping in as a translator for the season. Today we’re bringing you the first episode of a show I’m rather excited about as a long-time yuri fan, as it’s perhaps the first proper yuri drama in almost a decade, since Aoi Hana. The story follows Yuu, in her quest to understand what love really is, and her relationship with the one year older Nanami. The first episode is already off to an excellent start, and having already read the manga I’m very happy to actually see it in animated form. I hope the rest of you are as excited about it as I am!

20 thoughts on “Yagate Kimi ni Naru – 01

  1. SDF

    Your translation cleared up some things for me that the CR translation left me scratching my head over, many thanks, also glorious typesetting.

  2. kojika

    At 00:52 it’s not so much the cherry blossoms turning green as the trees themselves. Generally the flowers are produced before the leaves have developed, then the petals fall and are replaced by foliage.

  3. TeruMoko

    YES! As much as enjoy shows with cute characters and plenty of yuri subtext it’s really nice to get the full yuri experience!
    I’m super happy you guys picked this up!

    1. Lyndon B. Johnson

      Asenshi does not seem to do that thing where the same show is released in versions differing only in resolution. I presume this is because there is a native solution in which a show is produced/broadcast and changing that would either be a downgrade with negligible savings in space or an upscale with considerable bloat. Also offering one release per show instead of two or three should potentially increase the longevity of the torrent/s which would likely be considered a desirable effect.
      Basically I’m talking out of my ass here but if I were you I wouldn’t get my hopes up. However you could always get an 1080p release from you know where, add the superior script to that and go to town on your own.

    2. Anonymous

      Most anime at 1080p, even BD releases, are upscales. The native resolution of this show is the typical HDTV (1280×720).


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