Violet Evergarden Episode 11 Information (Update #1)

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Due to staff unavailability, episode 11 of Violet Evergarden will be delayed by 36-48 hours.*

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

* Delay extended by one day.

21 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden Episode 11 Information (Update #1)

  1. Gorgor

    Thanks for the info !

    Will you release the 720p TV-Version first and then the 1080p Netflix-Version like you always do, or will you skip the TV-Version this time (because you are late) and only release the Netfilx-Episode ?

  2. Tafoplaka123

    No worries.. You cannot possibly stall it more than UTW did.. Not that i had any problem with them. They did amazing work and for that reason i could wait even 2 weeks for each episode ..

  3. dellaran

    You guys have been doing god’s work. Unable to donate right now because I’m piss poor, but I really appreciate it. Take breaks if needed, totally understandable. Can’t say the same for the rest of the community, but huge thanks for everything.

  4. jmic

    I would also vote for a 720 encode just for completeness…but if not then not…not going to worry about for the delay..thanks for the heads up…a problem. I am more worried that you have no apparent direct donation…i just don’t have that much i want from J-List at the moment. Thanks for the Subs…i always enjoy them…you must be good you got me to watch

  5. KlariS

    Thanks for the update. It’s rare to see fansubs release so fast like you guys, and consistently. Fansubs were popular before but not many hanging around done with the ability to release within 24-48 hours. Good luck and thank you for the hard work on Violet Evergarden!

  6. karikari

    Thank you so much for all your work. Don’t worry about the delay, since IRL matters take top priority anyway. I hope all the best for you guys.

  7. nx6

    Thanks for the heads-up. Was looking forward to watching tonight when I got off work, but no hurry. I have other stuff I can watch.


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