Violet Evergarden – 01

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(Links updated to 1080p version.)

We will be doing two releases for this show:

1) The TV broadcast version, which is 720p and will be released 8 – 12 hours after broadcast.
2) The Netflix version, which is 1080p and will be released about a day after the TV broadcast version.

The reasoning here is that the show is produced in full HD (1080p) and benefits a lot from having a proper 1080p encode but getting one from a TV station is not really possible because most of the stations air at 1440×1080 and are littered with MPEG2 artifacting.

52 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden – 01

    1. anon

      Excuse me, are you going to sub The Seven Deadly Sins as it is also a series that Netflix has rights to, and therefore the only subs available are amateurish. Do you not have time for one more series, or is it something else?

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome to the eternal Kyoani carrying an anime by sakuga only.
    Hope it becomes better with the following episodes.

  2. Anon

    In regards to the two releases:

    At the time of this comment (18:14 EST), you only have the tv broadcast version up?

    Will there be two separate torrents up once the Netflix version is released, or will you just replace the 720p torrent with the 1080p torrent?

    Thanks in advance and for your work!

      1. Anon

        Thanks for the quick reply. If you’re able, could you include the resolution of each release in the filename so it’s clear when the lower quality release has been replaced?

  3. random

    thanks a lot for doing this! you saved the season, also want to say my thanks to the vivid staff but their site still seems dead

  4. hatonomi

    I’m not sure if there’s a better place for this, but I just wanted to note that the “hamete” at 10:08 is “嵌めて”, so it’s something like “Try them on.”

      1. Naine

        Fuck you. I’ve never stalled doing any supporting roles for other groups and Xythar and Fyurie can both confirm this. And if you think I’m responsible for everything stuck at FFF you’re wrong and it’s assholes like you that pin everything on me personally that make me want to completely disown the group and never have to manage other people again. In fact one of the vivid staff who is working on this is responsible for one of the stalled FFF projects I’m asked about most, so get your fucking facts straight next time.

  5. carvac

    “Try biting.” should be “Try putting it on.” or something like that.

    はめる: to put on (something that envelops, e.g. gloves, ring)​

  6. Frost

    God Bless. Thank you for your work.

    Quick question, are you using original subs or Netflix ones? Or are they modified Netflix subs?

  7. Tafoplaka

    Hello.. First of all thanks for your releases..

    I just wanted to ask you to include the quality (480p 720p 1080p) after the titles.
    Guessing the quality by file size isn’t really always clear. For example there are groups (like gxs) who release 720p episodes around 150mb each!

  8. Berzerker

    Instead of doing “v2,” can you guys label it with the resolution? Makes it slightly hard for automated downloads

      1. Berzerker

        I’ll have to look into the search customization, but I just pull an rss off of nyaa so it’d have to be in the search criteria.

  9. sa4ko93

    Hodgins call second floor (nikai) ‘first floor’ and Benedict calls it ‘second floor’. Were editors unmatched while doing subs?

  10. netflix

    Which ne has better audio quality Netflix or TV version ?! Someone in nyaa comment section claimed that TV is better !

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  12. TeruMoko♥

    Interesting but I’m feeling a degree of triviality. Hopefully the series will stay the unexpected road rather than this – what is love baby don’t hurt me no more. Still, the raw emotions are fun to watch (for now). Anyway I appreciate the work invested.

  13. rewr

    does anyone know that website where it tells you whether the anime’s source resolution is either 1080p or 720p? unless 720p source doesn’t exist anymore

  14. anon

    Excuse me, are you going to sub The Seven Deadly Sins as it is also a series that Netflix has rights to, and therefore the won’t receive any proper subs other than amateurish ones. Do you not have time for one more series, or is it something else? Thanks and sorry for asking.

    1. tsuru

      It’s ultimately a matter of both time and interest, in terms of we only have time for two* shows and we were more interested in Yuru Camp and Evergarden* than anything else. Won’t be picking up Nanatsu.


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