12 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Plans

  1. AndyRayy

    You guys are seriously awesome. Thanks for your hard work the past season (the first time I caught wind of you guys) and from here on out.

  2. Muse

    Thanks for possibly picking up AgK. I loved your work with WIXOSS last season and I’m glad you’re possibly working on it.

  3. Najad

    Guys I hope that you pick Tokyo Ghoul

    Commie are planning to do it, but they are not good and very slow. THey didn’t finish subbing space dandy 1st season yet, this anime came out 2 seasons ago. They didn’t sub Jojo S2 and Haikyuu!! past episode 8 making them more than 1 month late

    I’m hopping that a decent fansub picks it.


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