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I bet you weren’t expecting this!

These subs have been made possible by the folks over at GJM and PAS, give them a visit!

That being said, I feel like mentioning anything about the first episode would spoil stuff, so please enjoy watching it!

6 thoughts on “SSSS.GRIDMAN – 01

  1. Dcho

    Watched it American version in my country long . Super human samurai. Thank you for bringing this nostalgic feeling

  2. bzzt

    *dies from heart attack*

    When was the last time we had THREE subbers working together?

    This year has truly been a blessing in the history of anime saving.

  3. Tiger

    On PAS’s site it mentions the TL is a CR edit, so I’ve always wondered, how much actually needs to be changed from the CR script? I suppose it depends on the show and the CR translator that worked on it? Also, is there any increase in video or audio quality?

    1. Lann094

      Editor here.

      I’m finding the CR script is a little poor on this one. Phrasing isn’t getting meaning across a lot of the time, and TL checker is picking up the odd line that’s flat out wrong. Conversations have also been pretty unnatural, which is a stark contrast to how natural the dialogue is for this show. Also plenty of timing tweaks to make it snappier, and get rid of the double line thing that pops up every now and then.

  4. Tiger

    Thank you for your response. So does the quality of CR’s script generally vary per show? Subtitles get fixed or tweaked when shows get released on DVD/Blu-ray as well, right? Also, I forgot to thank you all for picking up this show! I’m really enjoying it so far.


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