36 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Plans

  1. Tiger

    Nice pickups! Thanks for the current season and cheers for the next one! As fansubbing continues to wane, I’m truly glad you guys are still around. Y^_^Y

  2. therealoddone

    A bit sad at you guys not picking Wixoss, but it’s understandable with it not being wanted by the current staff. It’s called fansubs because you’re fans who want to share the stuff you enjoy, not whats demanded.

  3. sabishiryu

    I hope that Hisone to Masotan gets licenced, but if it doesnt at least now i know i can count with this group.

  4. anon

    >Lostorage conflated WIXOSS will not be picked up because the original staff has retired
    They will un-retire for this, you will see

  5. Marek

    A bit sad to hear about WIXOSS, but then again, Lostorage was never quite as good as Selector. Still, the excellent subs were always appreciated. Looking forward to the new series then, especially more Amanchu!

  6. zero


    Amanchu! Advance is going to be just as boring as Yuru camp. Not going to watch it

    Hisone to Masotan might not be bad. Going to watch 3 episodes to see if it is worth it

    I wish if you picked WIXOSS !!, At least do the OVA because no one subbed for many months

  7. pantsu flavoured onigiri

    >Yuru Camp

    How does it feel to have such garbage, shit tastes?
    Instead of mentioning that Asenshi’s talents are unfortunately wasted on Violet Evergarden since it’s the worst show this season you decide to shit on the best show this season instead?

      1. yukimahime

        when are you guys planning on subbing Amanchu Advance I heard that it is already available raw, or are you planning to sub Amanchu Advance on April 7th when it was originally scheduled to come out? I hope you don’t take this as a complaint cause I would never do that I really appreciate the work you do. I am just curious cause I am hyped for season 2 of Amanchu.

    1. zero

      Anime about girls just camping and eating with no actual story is best of the season. LOL. Maybe it is good for you but I don’t enjoy these kinds of show, it is too boring and makes want to sleep when watching it. I would not say it worst anime in the season but it among the worst

      Violet Evergarden is overrated, but it is still good and way better than a trash like Yuru camp and Cardcaptor Sakura

  8. Blackreaper

    First of all I’d like to say thanks to for your hard work this entire season. I, and many other people people have really enjoyed your Yuru Camp and Violet Evergarden subs this season and it wouldnt have been possible without you guys. Second, (my aoplogies if this has been answered elsewhere since i cant find it), do you guys plan on finishing the Little witch academia BDs ? I just got a little worried since you didnt mention them in your spring plans.

    1. joletb Post author

      Generally, BDs that were announced before aren’t mentioned in the plans so unless it’s stated that they’re dropped, they’re not.

      That being said, the next volume should be out in a week or less.

  9. Stalker Fairy

    What??? No WIXOSS? Was seriously looking forward to you guys doing it. When I think of WIXOSS, I always think of Asenshi

    1. Anonymous

      The staff used to care about the franchise has left and there is no more real interest for the franchise hence they became NuAsenshi. Also, you got it wrong I think they are mostly okadafags than anything and with the anime seasonal chart it was easy to forecast their picks. Get used to it.

  10. Gorgor

    Why are you doing Amanchu! Advance when you

    1. didn’t do the Blu-rays for Amanchu! ? (Ok, you don’t have to do that)

    2.didn’t make a Batch or Patch for the TV release (like you said so here https://asenshi.moe/amanchu-12/ ) to fix the errors you made.

    3. didn’t release Episode 13/OVA of Amanchu! (after almost a year still “stuck at translation” ( ??? ) like you said in the comments here https://asenshi.moe/amanchu-12/)

    So starting another Project when you didn’t finish the first one ?

    1. tsuru

      We regrettably don’t have plans to do any more than just the two up above, off a combination of interest and having only finite amounts of time.


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