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  1. Ikan Lele

    Wow, did u get the raw BD video file of YuYuYu? Only saw 1 raw video from nyaa and the comments said it’s not good.

    I heard they sold the BD limited only on theater for 2 days each movies.

    1. joletb Post author

      We don’t have the BDMV yet but we are trying to find one, if you happen to come across somebody with it, please do message me on irc.rizon.net (same nick)

      Guess I’ll put this in the post as well.

      We’ll be getting the BD in the upcoming week.

  2. Jason

    I’m confused about Yuuki Yuna. Do I need to have seen the original to watch whatever this is? The MAL page says this isn’t out until October but it also list three alternative movies to this and says that this is a prequel to the show. So what exactly is going on?

    1. Xeiros

      Yuuki Yuuna is a hero is a multimedia franchise. The central conceit of the world and stories therein is that in order to get the full experience you need to partake in all of them which given their limited availability in English can prove to be rather difficult. Luckily fan translation are here to help.

      Washio Sumi is a Hero was the first piece of content released for the YuYuYu franchise. It ended around the time episode 7-8 of Yuuki Yuuna’s chapter was airing. The two works spoil each other if you read/watch all of one then the other.

      You see, WaSuYu was published chapter by chapter, starting slightly before the start of the YuYuYu anime and then continuing alongside it. That means that some of the information is co-dependent, i.e. you’re meant to know what has happened by chapter 7 of WaSuYu when you watch episode 8 of YuYuYu, but you’re not meant to know what happens in chapter 8 yet.

      To avoid this, follow the order below

      YuYuYu episodes 1-3
      WaSuYu chapters 1-4
      YuYuYu episodes 4-7
      WaSuYu chapters 5-7
      YuYuYu episode 8
      WaSuYu chapter 8
      YuYuYu episodes 9-12
      WaSuYu Extra Chapter
      YuYuYu Bonus Chapter

      You can read WaSuYu here – https://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV

    1. joletb Post author

      That doesn’t necessarily mean we got it, it rather means work has begun on it. (The timing will be shifted later to the BD encode)

      But anyways, we actually will be getting the BD for it in the upcoming week!

      1. Kindred

        Ah I see, Thanks for the reply. This way, I could just expect the movie to be released e view weeks later~

  3. Kindred

    Ah I see. Thank you for the reply. This way, I could expect the released to be scheduled a few weeks later~


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