29 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Plans

  1. Anonymous

    Flying witch looks like a cute comfy show, but the CG trees in the trailer are really disgusting. It would probably look less weird if they left trees out of the backgrounds entirely. I was looking forward to it before, but now I’m really disappointed by those Re-Kan tier backgrounds.

    1. joletb Post author

      I’m fairly sure everything’s hand-drawn, it’s just the perspective making them look odd.

  2. witch

    Meh, both looks boring me judging from the PV and genre. I hope Kiznaiver is as good as Kill La Kill

    Also, damedesuyo is also planing to do Flying Witch. I hope you guys pick another anime

  3. Anon

    That’s unfortunate. Thanks anyways for the answer. Looking forward to them and the shows you’re subbing this season.


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