Spring 2014 Plans

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Get ready for some card games… with angst! (I don’t know why either but I think it’s a brilliant idea.)

So yeah, we’re gonna be doing Selector Infected WIXOSS, aiming for a timely release on Thursday. (Usually within 6 hours or so)

We will be TLCing+Editing the CR/Funi scripts and of course doing our own typesetting/timing etc.
The first episode will be released tomorrow as we didn’t manage to secure a cap from MBS and songs need to be sorted out and whatnot else. We’ll also most likely switch to CR for the video source starting from episode 2.

6 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Plans

    1. furzi Post author

      Because it looks at least five times better than a TV source, and because Funi’s video is hardsubbed and has a shitload of details killed since their levels are wrong.


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