selector spread WIXOSS — Episode 12 (End)

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The freedom to Select...

The freedom to Select…


This ends the second season of the Selector series. How did you enjoy it? Did you learn something at the end of this journey? There were some bumps along the way, but I think most of us had a lot of fun with the ride. I myself will be continuing with the manga translation online, so keep an eye out for it.

TL—Funimation (1-12)
TLC—Akatsukin (1-12)
Editing—Ianu (1-12)
Encode—joletb (1,4-9), Xythar (2-3,10-12)
TS—Fyurie (1-4), joletb (4-8), unanimated (9-10,12), Ianu (11)
Timing—joletb (1,4-8,10), archdeco (2), Ianu (3,9,11-12)
QC—joletb (1,4-8), Fyurie (2), Ianu (3,7), Akatsukin (9-12)

14 thoughts on “selector spread WIXOSS — Episode 12 (End)

  1. MPythonFC

    Haven’t watched it yet, but thanks guys for the episode and for the entire 2 seasons. I’ve enjoyed it all so far. This show brought me to this fansub group, and I’ll be interested to stick around and see what else you do in future!

    I’ll look up the Manga too as you asked nicely 😉

    Thanks again!

  2. VSxERLolitaku428

    Thank you very much for this last(at least for now) episode of an, imho, great Anime. Also thank you again for all the other episodes~

  3. yama

    great work from you in both seasons … i liked this anime a lot and also liked your great work on it…
    thanks a lot and i m sure i will watch more shows from you

    1. Akatsukin Post author

      If you want our TV releases, you’ll have to get them one by one. Coalgirls has released their version of the BDs, and FFF is working on our approved version, but we’re not sure when they’ll release.


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