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In case you actually wanted to know what’s going on.

First is a gameplay video. These translations were done in the order stuff shows up on screen, so there are repeats of the phases.

1) Place a level 0 LRIG in the LRIG zone face down, and the LRIG deck in the correct place
2) Decide who goes first with rock-paper-scissors
3) Draw 5 cards from the main deck
*** You may return any number of cards to the deck before beginning. Shuffle and draw the same amount
4) Place 7 cards from the top of your deck in the Life Cloth
5) Flip your level 0 LRIG card, “Open”, and begin the game
>Draw Phase
First player draws one card. Every turn thereafter draw two cards
You may place one card from your hand in the Enezone
>Grow phase
If you pay the appropriate cost, you may increase the level of your LRIG by 1 (It looks like you search the LRIG deck and pick whatever card you want)
>Main phase
Place SIGNIs or cast Spells or Arts
You may not attack in the very first turn of the game (though whoever goes second may)

Place Spells you use in the Trash
You may use shiguri(? might be error in video for SIGNI) or LRIG powers in the main phase

>Attack Phase
SIGNIs attack the opponent’s SIGNI only if it is directly in front. Otherwise attack passes and Crashes one of opponents Life Cloth (move card in Life Cloth to Enezone)(Also, they don’t say this, but you put the Crashed cards in the Check Zone to see if anything happens first)
If the Crashed cards have a Life Burst, you may use its effect
If a LRIG attacks, you may discard a card from your hand that has the effect “Card Power” to negate the attack (Trash afterwards)

>Grow Phase
You may Trash cards from the Enezone to pay the cost of Grow

>Attack Phase
If your attacking SIGNI is across from an enemy SIGNI, they will do battle
If your Power (i.e. attack power) is higher than the opponent’s, then the opposing SIGNI is Banished (sent to Enezone)

>Up Phase
Basically the untap phase. Put all of your cards upright. This occurs before the Draw Phase.

>Main Phase
Any Arts (these are in your white deck) that say “Main Phase” may be used during this phase

You may Enercharge: move your own SIGNI into the Enezone

>Attack Phase
Any Arts cards that have the phrase “Attack Phase” on them may be used at the start of your opponent’s Attack Phase
Here, an Arts that makes one of your opponent’s SIGNI or LRIG cards unable to attack was used
If you are able to attack when your opponent’s Life Cloth is exhausted, you win.


Next is from the game creator himself explaining how to play. Some redundant information was omitted.

You have two decks, Black and White. Your White deck holds your LRIG and Arts cards, and your Black deck holds SIGNI and Spells.

You may have a maximum of 10 White cards. Though it’s called a “deck”, you don’t draw from it. You may look at your LRIG deck at any point you wish without showing your opponent.

You must have exactly 40 Black cards, of which no more than 20 may have the Life Burst ability. This is the deck that is shuffled and you draw from.

Using both the free control of the LRIG deck and the randomness of the SIGNI deck, aim to win.

Win Condition: Deplete all 7 of your opponent’s Life Cloth cards and stike the final blow!

When a card is placed in the Check Zone from the Life Cloth, check if it has a Burst Mark (a six sided star at the bottom). If it does, you may use it’s effect. This is your chance for a turnabout!

>Up Phase
In WIXOSS, the tapped/untapped conditions are called “Down” and “Up” respectively

Move a card from your hand or the SIGNI Zone to the Enerzone. You may skip this phase

>Grow Phase
This Phase is unique to WIXOSS!
You may level up your LRIG with a card from the LRIG deck. However, you must pay the Grow Cost. This often has a color requirement. Move cards from the Enerzone to the Trash to pay the cost.

>Main Phase
You may summon SIGNI, cast Spells, or use Arts
There is no cost to summon SIGNI. You can place cards of any color but they must be [equal to(?) or] below the level of your current LRIG.
Each LRIG has a limit number under its level. The total level of your SIGNI Power cannot exceed this limit. For example, if your level 4 LRIG has a limit of 11, then you may only play 4, 4, 3 SIGNI cards (as in, you may NOT play three level 4 SIGNI). The stronger your LRIG’s power is, the lower it’s limit is.

Play spells from your hand. The cost is written in the upper left corner, and you pay the same way as you normally Grow.

You may play cards from your LRIG deck that have the phrase “Main Phase”. Again, pay the cost in the same way as Grow (Trash cards from Enerzone). The three types of Arts are “Main Phase”, “Attack Phase”, and “Spell Cut-in”. The latter two are used during the opponent’s turn.
Because you can choose the cards in your LRIG deck, one strategy is to have only up to level 2 LRIG and 7 Arts cards. Choose carefully!

>Attack Phase
Attack with your SIGNI before using your LRIG. This allows for a maximum of 4 attacks per turn. There is no downside to attacking with all your cards (depending on the game)(TL Note: This means that you don’t have to pay for each attack or anything, and it doesn’t matter if your cards are Up or Down during your opponent’s turn)

>SIGNI attack
You attempt to attack the opponent’s LRIG (Life Cloth is considered part of the LRIG). If there is an opposing SIGNI, they will battle. If your Power is higher, they are Banished to the Enerzone. Even if your Power is lower, your card does not get Banished.
Remember, the cards aren’t destroyed, they’re Banished!

>LRIG attack
These attacks ignore enemy SIGNI. However, if the opponent Trashes a card with the “Guard” phrase, the attack is nullified.

>Crashes and Life Cloth
When a card is Crashed, place it in the Check zone before the Enerzone. If that card has a Burst Mark, you may use its ability.
For example, you may place a card from your deck into the Enerzone. You may also draw cards, Down the opponent’s SIGNI, or return cards to the owner’s hand.

>Turn End
If you did not meet the win condition, then your turn ends and the opponent gets to go.

>End notes
What cards you put in your LRIG deck and how you Grow, what Arts you use, what cards end up in the Life Cloth, and how many cards to use. Deciding exactly how to build your deck. WIXOSS has an endless number of play possibilities, so please pick your favorite LRIG and SIGNI and have fun playing!

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  1. antispirals

    just wanted to say I appreciate this translation and I enjoy ur work with this series. keep it up! thanks heaps.

  2. Heartcraft

    Thanks for translating!!! this card game seems interesting, been looking for one to pick up since yugioh is going downhill.

  3. VSxERLolitaku428

    I’d recommend Vanguard…

    Thanks for translating the rules, really helps understanding what’s going on, since the Anime didn’t bother explaining… XD

    1. Harlequin

      Well other than the life cloth (which I could never tell where it was in the show) I think I understood the steps to some degree or another. Now that I’ve read through them I’m sure the show will be less vague.

    1. Akatsukin Post author

      Those aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s the official quick start guide, which I translated and someone else typeset.

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  5. Umr

    Say, if due to B’s Iona’s effect A must attack but A’s signi’s att is lower than B’s signi, does that mean A’s signi get banished?

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