selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 9

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Some notes. In a certain rooftop speech, the person speaking only uses the personal pronoun “watashi” way at the beginning and way at the end. It’s only implied in Japanese who the speaker is, but that’s difficult to carry over to English. Also, I know I talked about dat Arai Satomi last time, but I’m going to revise that to Taneda Risa this episode. Fuck yeah, Taneda Risa.

Oh yes, and the next episode title is “That Emotion is Stranded”. It’s stranded in the way that you get washed up on a beach and stranded, not like in the middle of a desert stranded. Bring up any imagery? Also, though it was translated “wish” in the beginning of episode 1, the speaker actually says 思い, “emotion” in that monologue.

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