selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 8

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Plot-related sexiness

Plot-related sexiness


This fucking episode. Go and watch it quickly. Pay specific attention to how sexy Yuzuki is too.

7 thoughts on “selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 8

  1. Ohbejuan

    Thank-you. I wish you had time to do an extra ova that came out the other day. It was Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 ova 09 or oav. UTW didn’t bother to finish the season and they were the only ones subbing it.

  2. Alex

    What I don’t understand is, why does Akira get to keep her memories of the selectors even after losing?

    1. FRNZ

      Because her wish had nothing to do with any of the selectors except Iori.
      Hitoe’s wish was for her to have friends. When her wish was reversed, she lost the ability to make friends, and so she lost the memory of the friends she already had (Ruuko and Yuzuki). Hitoe didn’t really lose memories of the selectors. Just the ones that were friends with her. And that was because of the nature of her wish.


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