10 thoughts on “selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 6

  1. macxxx007

    Make “Aki-lucky” into “Aki-is fucky”

    Thanks so much for the episode!

    Have a great night!

  2. viperk1

    Am thinking the title listed for the next episode is incorrect in terms of translation – from what I can understand it should be “That Girl is Despair” instead of “That Girl is Desire”.

    Beyond that, really good work for what is an incredible show.

  3. Thousand6544

    @viperk1: It’s Setsubou (Desire), not Zetsubou (Despair).

    Anyway, thanks for this great episode!

    1. viperk1

      Fair enough, suppose I was just going off how it sounded to me, so I guess I just misjudged it – my bad 🙂


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