selector infected WIXOSS – Episode 10

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Some fun with names this post:

  • Yuzuki, Hitoe, and Akira‘s family names all reference the color they use.
  • Both Ruuko and Iona‘s family names have references to the sea. Kominato means small port, and Urazoe means inlet.
  • Hanayo‘s name has the kanji for flower, like with her hair.
  • Midoriko‘s name means, well, green child. The kanji is changed from “child” to “princess” on the cards though.
  • Grandma’s given name is Hatsu, meaning first.
  • Yuzuki and Kazuki share the kanji for moon. Look carefully at her new LRIG outfit. The Yu part means play, whereas Ka means scent.
  • Mayu, the mysterious girl once thought to be called Ener (assuming they’re the same), is written with the kanji for cocoon.
  • Selector can be split into select or.
  • The X in WIXOSS represents the pronunciation of cross.
  • Infected is what I did to your mom last night.

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  1. macxxx007

    I just had to read that whole thing through, lol… thanks so much for the episode and the info! TOO COOL!


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