selector infected WIXOSS — BD Special 2

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I hope you like TL notes. I’ll only do the ones that really need them. Slight spoilers ahead. Here we go:

1:15) Apparently all or most of the nicknames are related to pro wrestling or sumo. Why do they like sumo so much?
1:42) “Stingray” or just “ray” in Japanese is エイ (ei). I figured this sounded close enough or at least rhymed with Hittoe’s nickname so that’s why I left it how it was.
2:04) Ruu-ruru-ruu is part of a song about northern red foxes (no common English name I think) that appears in the Hokkaido-based Japanese drama “Kita no kuni kara” (From the northern lands) that aired from the early 1980s to 2002.
2:47) You should know about Akasaki Chinatsu’s legendary Tupperware already.
2:55) 中の人 (lit. “the person inside”) is used for VAs or kigurumi actors and such.
4:17) ガラスの底に顔があってもいいじゃないか (Who cares if there’s a face in the bottom of your glass?) is a likely reference to Okamoto Tarou, that guy who made this monument.
5:16) Yes, that’s what Tama says.

That wasn’t too many for a five minute special, right?

6 thoughts on “selector infected WIXOSS — BD Special 2

  1. Shinny

    I’m afraid I am not aware of the legendary tupperware and google gave no hits (in English, at least). I take it she frequently brings tupperware lunch with her or something?

    1. Anonymous

      Apparently, Akasaki Chinatsu put a card of Tama inside a tupperware. Someone thought it was very weird and decided to take a picture and uploaded it to the internet. It suddenly become a meta and you can see WIXOSS Tupperwares with Akira Aoi logo on it. Basically something random.

  2. knorssman

    kind of unrelated, but any idea why i can’t find a full version of the selector spread wixoss ED?

    like even the official website has OP/ED for season 1 and OP for season 2 but not the ED


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