Sarazanmai – 04

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You can bet I would

Thus, the importance of what is said and what is not becomes clear. We’re really in the meat of things now, and the untranslatable puns keep getting more difficult to integrate easily. With all these visual metaphors, subtle hints, and unknowable foreshadowing, how is one to keep up? Well, that’s just par for Ikuhara’s course. Couple things to mention this time.

Tooi and Chikai

Their names mean far and near, respectively.

I want to soba you

And here we go. Soba (蕎麦) is buckwheat noodles, and the food shown throughout the episode. Soba () means next to, so “そばにいたい” means “I want to stay by you”. We did our best, but regardless of how so badly we wanted to integrate it, it’s nigh impossible. In other words, just learn moon.

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Erratum: The episode title was the major fix here. It was supposed to be “I’m not by your side” instead of “I want to stay by you”. While that may sound like the opposite (and it is), in Japanese it’s the difference of only a single character. They did a last minute swap on me and I missed it.

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  1. Malerious10

    How do I include attachments before merging the ass files with the video when I doing my release?

    1. throwaway9829658

      Hi, random commenter here. On Windows, the basic command would look like this:
      mkvmerge.exe -o “output.mkv” “video.h264” “audio.flac” “subtitles.ass” –attach-file “font.otf”

      What you’re looking for is this part: –attach-file “font.otf”

  2. Jim

    About the ” In other words, just learn moon.”. In many cases, simply learning the language might not be enough to understand those items because many of those difficult to translate things also depend upon details of Japanese culture. Those details represent the largest stumbling block in attempting to translate those phrases for other cultures.


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