Sarazanmai – 03

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I’d take Nee-chan fishing

What secrets will be leaked this time? The answer might surprise you. I also have a handful of TL and culture notes because Japanese is a weird language. These are minor spoilers so be aware.

Kawausoiya Song

Okay, I should’ve done this one last week. “Soiya soiya” is just the chant that’s used during certain Japanese religious festivals, it doesn’t particularly have a meaning. However, here it’s been mixed together with kawauso, which means otter, and of course represents the antagonists. So it’s basically just a pun.

Keith, kiss, and kiss

All homonyms. Keith’s name sounds like kiss, and the common Japanese name of the sillago fish is also kiss. It is not, however, the same as the kissing fish, known as kissing gourami. His full name, Keith Mottoclay, is written properly as キスもっとくれ, meaning “give me more kisses”.

Sanmai Fillet

Another word deriving from Sarazanmai. A sanmai fillet (of fish) is when it is sliced into three parts—two of each side, and one in the middle containing the spine. How this relates to kissing people, only Ikuhara knows. I think he’s just going for the wordplay.

Torrent | Magnet

Edit: Whoops, forgot something. If you look closely at the phone (around 6 minutes), they misspell Jinnai Otone’s name as Jinnanai. No idea what’s going on there.

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  1. brc

    Thank you! Just a little remark: They might have referenced The Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry with 星の王子さま, and that reminds me what Ikuhara did in MPD with that Miyazawa novel. This might be relevant, just saying.

    1. Akatsukin Post author

      Hmm, that’s probably right. I think we’ll consider updating it for the batch later, and hope it doesn’t bite us before then.


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