Rozen Maiden (2013) – Episode 08

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Joint with Evetaku

RKB 6.5 was skipped for the v0s but will be done for the v1s (Because it was just a recap with absolutely no new content)
As for the v1s, they will be done eventually.

720p Torrent
480p Torrent

3 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden (2013) – Episode 08

  1. Doompa

    As far as RKB is concerned, please at least give a status on the QC guy if you’ve heard from him or not. Otherwise everyone is just going to think the series is in limbo.

  2. Yamada

    Yeah, for real, if this QC guy is holding everything up for no good reason, I’ll join and QC if it’ll expedite things. I’m conversational in Japanese and an English major, we can bang out the QC for all delayed episodes in a night if the issue really is just someone being a slacker.


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