Rozen Maiden (2013) – Episode 06

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Joint with Evetaku

The v1 for RKB SS 5 is stuck at QC and I have no clue when it’s gonna get done. (Senna pls)

720p Torrent
480p Torrent

7 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden (2013) – Episode 06

  1. Oscar

    Thank you very much, Asenshi and EveTaku, for the Rozen Maiden releases!

    Regarding the scenes at 20:03~20:15 and 20:31~20:35 in episode 06, it will be great if the typesetting of translated cellphone screens can be moved a bit further up, so that they won’t overlap with the original texts and will be consistent with the overall typesetting style.

    Thank you once again for your efforts. Please keep up the good work =)


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