Rozen Maiden (2013) – Episode 01

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Changing Rozen Maiden 3 to Rozen Maiden (2013) because of better searchability and because it’s technically a reboot.

Also, sorry for the delay, ALI Project was a pain in the ass.

v2 patch to fix a font-muxing issue (because fuck you aegisub font collector!): v2 Patch

Torrent (v2)
XDCC: !rozen01

9 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden (2013) – Episode 01

  1. ichigo

    Thanks for uploading.

    Why not use the ANN / Crunchyroll title Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen? Or skip the German and end it with Rewind.

    1. furzi

      Because that isn’t the official title and because everybody uses “Rozen Maiden (2013)” (Again, for better searchability)

    1. Fyurie

      We are indeed. It’s proven to be a lot of work for the first ep, though. Songs are mean as anything to time and edit, blame me for slowness!

    1. Ianu

      I’m sorry, but we decided to not pick this show up after all due to staff unavailability. There’s a bunch of alternatives out there, though; I hope you’ll find a release you can enjoy.


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