Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS – Episode 05 (v0)

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Joint with Doremi.

v0 because >AT-X
The v1 will be released a couple days later when the show airs on Tokyo MX.


12 thoughts on “Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS – Episode 05 (v0)

  1. Ken3000

    What’s the difference between AT-X and Tokyo MX airings? Does AT-X station censor/cut something? Or is it just video quality difference?

  2. Euzio

    Erm, a small question. At the 17:27 mark, Aoi makes a comment about Suga “isos”. Can anyone explain to me what that means?

    1. Boendal

      I think this is the meaning:

      The term ‘iso’ in basketball stands for isolation and is when 4 players on the team spread out while the ballhandler takes advantage of the opportunity to go 1 on 1 with the defender.

      For the next time:

  3. dummyacct7

    Thanks for the release guys!
    Just one thing, since no one else mentioned it. At 17:42, you somehow got the team names swapped in typesetting. “Subaru Team”, should be on the left, and, “Ryuuichi Team”, on the right.

  4. Slayingbeast

    how long till V1 🙁

    i rewatched the first season especially for this 1 😛

    really appreciate all your effords do, not trying to force you guys to speed up. but ill be gone after tonight (for a month) 🙁


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