Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS – Episode 02

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So joletb went to sleep and I wrote the post this time.

Also, Recorder S3 is dropped because it’s awful, watch HorribleSubs instead.


8 thoughts on “Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS – Episode 02

  1. Dogapult

    Great Episode, I have a couple of QC things though…
    4:52 : “Yeah, and I haven’t not lost my touch whatsoever!” (double negative)
    10:05: “Aburning passion revealed!” (lack of a space)
    16:21: (typesetting) “Takenaka Hiragi (her name is spelled Hiiragi)

    that’s all I noticed. I apologize if it is out of line for me to point them out.

    1. Fyurie Post author

      Yup, spotted these yesterday. I appreciate anything pointed out though, helps me fix up the batch scripts faster.

      Changes to the QC process are being made to stop these kinds of things popping up.

  2. kurotobi

    Hello, im following your version for my fansub in spanish (wich i properly give u the credits on it ;D for the sub source).
    But i would like to know wich day you are posting the new episode (just like schedule on horriblesubs).
    Hope is not that much to ask…
    by the way great work u’ve done with this… seems you dont like subasa-san XD

    1. Fyurie Post author

      That’s great to hear, glad you liked our release.

      Regarding your question: It airs at 22:30 JST on a Friday. We’ll release ~12-24 hours after that. Unfortunately I can’t be much more specific than that due to the time each job can take to complete based on different factors.


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