Ro-Kyu-Bu! – OVA

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The PLOT in this show is amazing.

8-bit video because the DVDISO isn’t up yet, we might do a v2 when it gets uploaded.
We’ll probably do the second season, too.
As for Dansai, it will be done later today… probably.

Anyway, staff listings:

Translation: tsutomu
Editing: Fyurie
Timing: joletb
Typesetting: joletb
Quality Checking: puddizzle
Song Timing/Styling: HeavenlyArmed/Leona

XDCC: !rkbova

6 thoughts on “Ro-Kyu-Bu! – OVA

  1. FlameHaze

    Hellz Yea! I was losing hope that a good group wasn’t going to sub this OVA or the second season. I’m lookin forward to the second season. Thanks!!!^^

  2. Kitty

    somehow, i know D_S will tell you more than i’m pointing out, if D_S has been here.

    2:35 All right, that’s all clear, so go ahead take a shower. = and i thought the word “and” was barely important
    12:37 Well, well, my little eye has spotted the newlywed Hasegawa’s. = i don’t think the apostrophe was necessary…
    18:47 so just once. = so just this once.
    22:54 Now that we’ve had something sweets, let’s go for a round of basketball! = something sweets? :O

  3. Lord Peothra

    I review Anime & I also do Panels at Conventions. I have a hard time finding “English Sub” materials. Can you help me? The raws are nice…but, My audience doesn’t always understand things. If you question my validity here is my panel from Anime Next 2012. No one recorded this years version >_< My panels are very well recieved and very very funny. I would appreciate your help in obtaining material

    Peter Williams AKA Peothra


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