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  1. anon


  2. Reinii

    You must know that I really really enjoy and appreciate what you are doing for us ♡ I rarely see such good quality subs which you create for us and even though I live in Germany thus it’s pretty late whenever you upload a Little Witch Academia sub episode, I stay awake or wake up in the middle of the night just to watch it! It’s really awesome that you do this hard work for us fans(German subbers are probably the slowest or the laziest in comparison, because there are subs only till 6th episode – at least for this anime) and when I see such quality stuff I am glad that I have learnt English ♡
    So keep going guys! We love your work!

  3. canuck

    You guys are awesome, I live in canada so these come out a bit late but I still appreciate the effort that you put into subbing this amazing series! You have gained a new fan, I hope one day I can donate money to you.

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