Quick update regarding Akame ga KILL.

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We will be most likely changing to MBS as our video source since Tokyo MX just looks awful and the effort required to make it watchable is extreme.

This however means that we’ll have to delay the release since MBS airs approximately 27 hours later than Tokyo MX,
so from now on we’ll be releasing on Mondays and not Sundays.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused but we just want this show to have decent video quality and there’s no real way to do it besides waiting for a good station.

Thanks for sticking with us!

11 thoughts on “Quick update regarding Akame ga KILL.

  1. Aron

    Guys, I really liked your subs for this show. Only one request: could you please add honorifics from now on?

  2. pelfmiester

    I don’t see how a station gets away with letting it look that crappy. It’ll suck to wait until after the weekend, but at least it’s for good reason and you plan on sticking to a schedule.

  3. BeTheMan

    Thank you!! It’s definitely worth it to wait for better quality!! Thanks for waiting for the better release, I will wait and will gladly stick with you!! Thanks again 🙂

  4. Matt Friedman

    MBS is censored tho right? cant you use niconico or something else as your video source to show the uncesored? bc since the show has a bit of violence lol the whole thing is gonna be censored out with light beams and shit on MX and MBS 🙁

    1. furzee Post author

      I kinda forgot to update the post but we switched to a video that’s sourced off the original masters so there should be very little censoring.


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