Onee-chan ga Kita! – Episode 2

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Just a quick heads up, the video/audio cuts out at 00:51 for a second or so and there is no way to fix it until it airs on a different channel. (Which is KBS and that’s in approximately a day.)

So yeah, we might or might not v2 it tomorrow.
Nobody capped from KBS so no v2.

6 thoughts on “Onee-chan ga Kita! – Episode 2

  1. Grobar

    On January 15 you wrote:
    “So yeah, we might or might not v2 it tomorrow.”
    It’s now January 17 and still no v2 so I assume that you didn’ t want to do it eve it’s oly a 5 minute long show and the subs are already done.

    Ok, it’s your choice if you didn’t want, but for me I had the choice to switch to another group.
    So have a nice day !

    1. furzi Post author

      Pretty much every group used Tokyo MX so they have the same issue, and Crunchyroll only offers 480p with quite some shitty timing/typesetting and whatnot, so it’s your loss really.

  2. Trowez

    You could do what I did and mux the audio from Crunchyroll in with this release. Had no timing issues or anything. It all matched up perfectly as far as I could tell.


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