16 thoughts on “Noein Episode 1

  1. Reso


    A sci-fi series with a FUCKING great storyline, that I’ve only heard about from friends?

    I love you, asenshi.

  2. Tenho

    This is actually really cool. I probably won’t download until you release a batch, but this is still really cool.

  3. Virtual_BS

    This looks interesting.
    Thanks, I’ll be downloading it.

    Just a few questions:
    * Is it Dual Audio?
    * Will there be a batch?
    * How does it compare to the DVD versions available on bakabt?

    1. furzi Post author

      1) No.
      2) Yes.
      3) The BD itself actually has less details than the DVD and is more cropped but it’s still better because it has more bitrate and better color. I actually made a few comparisons between our release and voss’.

      (Those were taken from the current v1 encode, there’s going to be a v2 with a much better encode for 01 because I underestimated the BDMV’s shitty quality. http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison.php?id=156953)

      I think KAA’s release was pretty much the same. Both voss and KAA haven’t fixed the chroma bleeding properly and had horrible banding.

  4. Silent Rage

    Thx for replying, and sry for being late… ;p

    so, are you still gonna do it whole?
    I mean is it gonna be a full completed Release [one Batch for the whole 24episodes]?
    or you still gonna do it one by one…?

    Thx agian.

  5. Virtual_BS

    If anyone actually watches the comments feed…
    Whatever happened to this?

    This was posted almost a year ago and there’s been no progress since then.
    It it dropped, stalled, a very slow progress batch, or what?

    1. furzi Post author

      It’s still being worked on and it will be released a batch.
      As to when, I am not exactly sure, sometime in early 2014 most likely.


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