9 thoughts on “Mekakucity Actors — 03

  1. DDD

    Hey thanks for the great release.

    Not sure if it’s worth your time to put out another patch but I noticed a mistake (I would assume) at 7:59.

    The line is:

    “It was like no matter what I did,
    everybody was drawn to me for some reason.”

    I added in the word “what”.

    1. DDD

      Also found a strange line at 22:17. Not sure what exactly it should say but it sounds a little off in my opinion.

      “Those who had them cast stones.
      Those who could set fires.
      They attacked the monster, trying to kill her
      with whatever means they had at hand.”

  2. Fiver

    Just wanted to post a comment to tell you guys how good your fansubs are. Saw the first two releases with CrunchyRoll subs (read: Horrible Subs), and I’m really glad that there are still groups out there willing to properly translate terms that would otherwise make no sense unless the viewer already knew the meaning, even if it was just the name of the gang. You guys seem to have the perfect balance of localization in your TL, something rare this season with some of the better groups being on hiatus/lazy. Weaboos should just watch the damn raws instead of bitching about not enough Romaji.


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