Made in Abyss – Marulk’s Daily Life

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Meanwhile, back at the Seeker Camp…

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Original Script: Wakanim (1, 3), Sentai Filmworks (2, 4)
Translation Checking: Unbased
Editing: motbob
Timing: motbob
Typesetting: motbob
Encoding: joletb
Quality Checking: joletb

11 thoughts on “Made in Abyss – Marulk’s Daily Life

  1. Glabeck

    Is it just me or is here something missing ?

    I mean, where is your announcment that you’re doing Yuru Camp 2 this season ?
    It was here not long time ago an now it’s gone !

    Did you drop the projekt and are now to afraid to tell your “Fans”?


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