Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 08

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Seeing her made me feel like Satomi did during the entire episode

Seeing her made me feel like Satomi did during the entire episode

This was my Infected episode 7. Theory time, so you can all call me stupid later: All of the new LRIGs this time were born of the butterflies that came from Mayu’s body. Half of them were white, which are the good ones like Ril and Dona, and half were black, which are the bad ones like, well, you’ll see. This is why they seek human memories; because Mayu herself was never able to make them as she was never let outside. Looking forward to seeing how close that is to the truth.


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  1. Anonymous

    Basically, you are saying that LRIGs are divided by their with White ‘Shiro’/Tama Tendency and Black ‘Kuro’/Yuki Tendency. Well, that’ doesn’t sound that far-fetched. Thanks for the episode.

  2. Anonymous

    Ril, Donna, Mama = White Tendency LRIGs
    You know who, Nanashi, Mel = Black Tendency LRIGs.
    Damn, this is a neat move.

      1. Enamelthyst

        They are awfully addictive. I particularly appreciate the kind that come with complimentary dental floss—so convenient!

        Watching the sequence again, I can’t help but sense Suzu’s disappointment that Hanna did little more than nibble at the top of her Muff Muffs. She never even got down past the puffy bits. It’s a shame that past trauma prevented Hanna from properly eating her Muff Muffs…

        (Okay, we need to stop this now.)


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