Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 07

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I love Dona. All hail Suzaki Aya

I love Dona. All hail Suzaki Aya

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, how to classify the feeling I’ve been having watching this, which is a mix of being disgusted and horny. I think I’ve finally got it. With the ero from erotic, and the guro from guroi meaning disgusting, I dub this feeling eroguro. It’s the new moe.


7 thoughts on “Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 07

  1. Anonymous

    How come not a single one, not even you, could talk about the suddenly change in behavior from both Suzu, which is kind of explained, but not to Mel, she just went full batoru-crazy a la Tama.

    1. peach

      Suzu’s behaviour changes are easily explained. Her drive from the beginning of this was to rekindle her friendship with Chii. Now that she knows that Chii plans on destroying any memory of her, she’s doing what she can to save her own memories. Regardless of whether Chii remembers Suzu, Suzu plans on remembering Chii, so that she can one day be her friend again. Her actions have shifted into being someone who is now going to actively protect these memories rather than passively do it, but she’s still after the same goal.

      Mel is created from Chii’s memories of Suzu, and therefore is very similar to Suzu. The reaction that Mel is having to how Chii is acting is extremely close to how Suzu is now reacting. Mel is now more driven and focused, playing a far more active role. Not to mention that the LRIGs can only do as their Selectors ask, and the more that Chii forgets about herself and becomes farther detached from her world, the more extreme her actions are probably going to get, which will reflect in Mel.

  2. Anonymous

    >How to classify the feeling I’ve been having watching this, which is a mix of being disgusted and horny
    For me at least was mostly disgusted than horny. I get most of this when I watch the RAWs. I wonder if it’s on purpuse and while I think about it, it’s different from the taste both Infected and Spread left us after concluding an episode.

    1. Ianu

      Well, I feel mostly horny. Too bad they chickened out when Chii-chan was about to pull a Dresden 1945 on Suzu. I wanna listen to the girls screaming~


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