Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 01

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What truly are "memories"?

What truly are “memories”?

In this sequel to Wixoss, the Selector system has mysteriously returned, but it’s not quite the same as it used to be. Has it truly changed, or are we simply unsure in our memories? And if we can’t even know our own pasts, then how are we to know who we really are? Let us follow the tale of Suzuko and Chinatsu as they seek to learn the truth.


Also, I wrote more about Okada’s stuff over on my other site if you’re interested, despite her not being as involved this time.

11 thoughts on “Lostorage incited WIXOSS – 01

  1. nikolai131

    Thanks for the release ^^

    So, this is confirmed to be sequel?? I mean I saw Piruluk, in both human and LRIG form, in the OP and was like wtf— Hope this gets clearer soon, ‘cuz I feel kinda lost after this episode

    1. Samurai Skye (@SamuraiSkye)

      It’s because the LRIGs start generic, and are shaped into an Avatar of the players choosing, rather then coming pre-“selected” ((I MADE A FUNNY)). In the first series, they came looking like however they looked. So human Piruluk made her avatar look like she did as a LRIG.

      I’m pretty hyped for episode 2! Thanks so much for the translation!

      1. Akatsukin Post author

        More like based on their memories, rather than being created willingly by the new Selectors. I believe the OP cutaway was simply to confirm that yes, Kiyoi is actually Piruluk, and she is back.

        nikolai, it is a sequel. They said in an interview that this takes place a few (unspecified) years after Spread ends. Probably 2-3 years.

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