Little Witch Academia Episode 19 Information (Update #1)

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Due to staff unavailability, episode 19 of Little Witch Academia will be delayed by 24 hours.
The estimated delay will be updated as soon as we get a confirmation on it.

We thank you for your continued understanding and patience.

42 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia Episode 19 Information (Update #1)

        1. bassgs435

          The only issue is Herkz being an SJW triggered because Pantsu is by 4chan and they’re racist nazis or whatever. (Like someone’s ideology means anything about their site being good or not, anyways). He’s also mad that he and the rest of the cartel have no control over Pantsu like they did old Nyaa.
          >but the cartel is just a conspirancy theory. Herkz said so on Twitter
          Yeah. No criminal ever admits their crime. .Herkz is a selfcentered egolatristic SJW who seriously believes he’s always right and other people are wrong. I wouldn’t trust that asshole even if my life depended on it. There’s nothing wrong with Pantsu

          1. bracket

            Legitimate question: Do we know who runs and if they’re part of the cartel?

            Also, saying something is run by 4chan is basically the equivalent of saying it’s run by anyone… Unless it’s actually run by 4chan admins.

            I personally don’t really see Anidex as an option, either. Their site is terrible and broken if you actually try to use any of its features for more than five seconds and I have doubts about the admins being able to handle any sort of attacks on the site whether DDoS or piracy trolls.

  1. nono

    thank you for the information, thats exactly what i also want from other subbers, INFORMATION
    take your time

    1. Jim

      @Ashram, while I don’t know the details, real life events do take priority over our shared hobby of fansubbing. For example, Sunday May 14th is Mother’s day, so family events might be the reason this week.

  2. Novgot

    First: Thanks for subbing this Anime, take your time to finish the next episode

    Second: I don’t know much about the process of fansubbing, but I got one question that bothers me.

    How can you “Typeset” something if there is no “Translation” ?
    Didn’t you need the english words first to “Typeset” them ?

    it says
    “The typesetter applies subtitle styling (font style, font size, subtitle coloring, etc) to the dialogue subtitles”
    So I think you must have an english translation for the dialog first, and than you can apply the styling to the english words.

    Than it says
    “Typically, typesetting occurs after translation checking, timing, and editing, and before encoding.”
    But when I look here it seems typesetting is the first thing to be done, right before timing, encoding, translation checking or even translation.
    How is this possible ?

    1. Jim

      @Novgot, Although my definition of “something to typeset” differs slightly from that of @joletb, shifting the timing of the OP/ED karaoke typesets to match each raw can be a bulk operation that takes very little time.

      The only sign in this episode (at around 12:20) is already in English, so therefore needs no translation of its wording. The place-name on that sign however, might be unfamiliar to viewers until later in the episode though.

    2. Ianu

      The translator usually provides the typesetter with the sign translations before starting the dialogue translation. If things go as planned, typesetting happens in parallel with the rest of the chain. Except some episodes have no signs that require typesetting, in which case we just go to 100% right away.

    1. rhino63

      Dude, it’s a one day delay. Some groups can’t even put out barebone releases with CR scripts before the next episode coming out without shitting their pants. Asenshi is doing an astounding job considering they do an original translation within 2 days of airing. Some groups put out shit releases with months of radio silence and people suck the shit out of their asses. One day is no biggie.

  3. Lorence

    >waiting for asenshi

    It’s like I’m really watching WIXOSS. Seriously though, thanks for always having ETA updates for delays.

  4. Anon

    You don’t really want to lose the support we’ve been giving you at /a/ all these years, don’t use .si

    1. Joshua Chamberlain is a lot better than Pantsu!, the design is a lot cleaner & clearer than Pantsu, not to mention now that HorribleSubs will be using it over Pantsu it will be gathering more traffic, it would be a silly choice to choose an inferior site that won’t even be able to get near the same amount of traffic. Subbing groups should be taking advantage of people going to for HorribleSubs torrents and uploads their content to get more downloads.

      1. bassgs435

        In that case, why not use both?
        Is it really necessary to choose just one?
        Anyways, if I had to use just one, I’d choose Pantsu because it’s not supported by an egocentric asshole who deserves to get punched in the face like 40 times

  5. SilentItalian

    So it’s fine and take your time, like I seriously appreciate the communication. However maybe a change on the 100% on time record after two weeks…

  6. jongyon7192p

    Yooo, so I went and– oh you’re already at Translations 100%? Dang… Well, I still have this anyway. Haha.
    It’s basically a few fixes from DarkAngel666’s TL. Definitely not without its own problems with timing and other stuff, so that would need to be adjusted anyway.

  7. Anon

    You’re all retarded. It doesn’t matter where author uploads it, someone else will upload it in other places.

    1. F2PBTW

      Literally this.

      In the end it won’t really matter who posts what where, one of the Nyaa reincarnations will become the most popular and people (not per sé the fansubbers themselves) will just post stuff there.

      It won’t matter for now who posts what where, we’re just gonna have to wait a few months to see what rises to the top.

      And/or what site gets the most porn. Porn always wins the battle, that’s why blu-ray won over HD-dvd.

      ANYWAYS thanks for all the hard work asenshi. It’s appreciated every time 🙂

  8. chirag khandelwal

    hi love your guys work but i had a question what are your thoughts about releasing a srt file for people who have the raw i mean it is doable and will help your tremendously just asking


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