17 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia (BD) – Batch

  1. Blackreaper

    Thanks a ton for the fantastic release. I’ve been waiting a long time for it and you did not disappoint. Just one question since this is my first time using a video patch, its only episode 20 that should get a V2 right ?

    1. TeruMoko♥

      Correct episode 20. They made it as easy as possible to run the patch. Just extract the contents of the patch file in the same place as the video and run the batch file that says run me. It will create a new V2 video and leave the original so you will have two vids after successful patching.

  2. tycorbinian

    So I have a bit of a dumb question, is encoding at the native resolution supposed to be better? I’m just curious because most other anime I’ve seen has just been 480/720/1080, is it just that back then it wasn’t as easy to determine the real resolution of the BD/DVD sources? Thanks for all the hard work and great release!

  3. Luv_33

    Will you guys be potentially working on High Score Girl or Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger? They’re both streaming on netflix so they won’t be available legally.

  4. forecaster71

    Ah, I was confused. I tried to run the patch and it failed to find the ep20 file because the batch I downloaded already had the 20v2 file in it, which I guess means I didn’t need the patch.

    This wasn’t obvious from the post though.

  5. Zelgius150

    Ok, so I’ve downloaded the application and run it, but…. It just made another episode 20. I don’t really know what a batch does, lol.

    I’ll take the chance to thank you people for your hard work in bringing us the series, first while still airing and now in BD quality 😉


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