Little Witch Academia – 25

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Wow, the ride is finally over. There’s a lot to say, but I’ll leave it to each of us.



I would like to thank the entire staff that worked on this and helped realize this huge project, it’s been truly an amazing ride and we hope you enjoyed the show as much as the Asenshi crew did.

I’d like to also extend my thanks to the entire staff over at TRIGGER and Yoh Yoshinari himself for making this great show in the first place and all of our fans for supporting us.
And don’t forget, no matter what happens, a believing heart is your magic.

Also please make sure to (re)watch it on Netflix once it releases there to support TRIGGER! (Buying merch also helps!)


To be honest, I really didn’t care for LWA when it first came out. Sure it looked good, but it was as generic as could be, and had no real substance. The second OVA was fine too, but it was this TV series that stirred my subber soul. It had real content, there was a lot that was well thought out (and some that wasn’t), and I felt a lot more connected with all of the characters. Every week was a flurry of excitement to get the subs out, and it was my pleasure to provide them to everyone. Though it waxed and waned, I feel that overall Little Witch Academia was a good series with a very satisfying conclusion. From here on out, I’ll continue walking my own path with magic flowing from my believing heart.

vinylfreak89: (Later)


Little Witch Academia was a mostly pleasant and sometimes magical show, and as such it’s probably a good one to go out on. After a couple of eventful years and more episodes than I would like to count, I’m retiring from fansubbing; this mediocre editor has run his course, and then some. There will be some things I’ll miss and some I don’t, and some regrets will linger, but I think I was happy all in all. Thanks for watching our shows!


Chief Supervision: joletb
Supervision: Ianu (12), アニメ仙史 (13-14, 25)
Translation: Akatsukin
Translation Checking: Akatsukin
Editing: Ianu
Timing: Akatsukin
Typesetting: joletb
Encoding Supervision: joletb (2-16)
Encoding: joletb (1, 17-25), vinylfreak89 (2-16)
Encoding Assistance: vinylfreak89 (17-25)
Quality Checking: Akatsukin, joletb (15, 17-18, 21-25)
Song Translation: Akatsukin
Song Styling: joletb
Song Styling Assistance: Ianu (ED1)

Art Design: Laxx

86 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 25

  1. 天照大神

    thank you guys for making it possible for us all overseas to follow akko and her friends in this wonderful story. I will never forget that a believing heart is our magic!

    R A I S E Y O U R H A N D S ! ! !

  2. starss

    We ragged on your for delays (and one time the site actually went offline), but I am still thankful that you’re one of the only sub groups who picked up this show before Netflix released them! Thanks so much.

  3. Brian

    Thank you for all your hard work! Your releases were my weekly pick me up!

    Ianu, good luck with everything. Thank you for you years of contribution!

  4. verysadchicken

    Thank you for all your hard work Asenshi. Pretty weak finale but a lovely series overall and one that will stay forever in my heart. Once again, thank you Asenshi for subbing this series and thanks Trigger for creating Little Wicth Academia.

  5. Anime10121 (@Anime10121)

    Shout out to you guys for sticking with it til the end and having great quality subs! Loved this series SOOOOOOOO much and it’ll likely be the highlight of the year for me! Really appreciate the work more than you guys know! Hopefully someone will release the series on Blu ray soon and cant wait for my Akko nendo!

    Trigger is really becoming one of my favorite studios as I dont think they’ve put out a dud yet XD

    Thanks again and wishing well for those of you walking away from fansubbing after this project!

  6. costmuffled

    You guys really set the bar high with this effort. Thank you very much for the many hours of labor and self-sacrifice that surely went into maintaining the pace week after week. This was such a great series too!

  7. balticbard

    Thanks to all of you wonderful people for giving us the chance to see a marvelous anime; thanks to trigger as well; thank you for all of your hard work, your time and talent. God bless you all

  8. 1tobedonex

    Asenshi, keep up the good work! If I had a million dollars, I’d spend most of it on anime merch and getting a better computer, phone, and screen to watch anime on. Then I’d spend the rest on you guys.

  9. Anjin

    Thanks for everything Asenshi. Even the 98% trolling with the status bars (Episode’s 15 color change was my favorite). Good luck to Ianu and to all the staff.

  10. petran79

    Congratulations for the whole effort. Only series of 2017 I watched and it will probably remain this way.

  11. Nico Knee

    Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to sub this amazing series.
    I, among many other viewers, appreciate it very much! I hope you can continue to exist for a very very long time.

  12. gobb01Gobb

    Thank you for all of your hard work subbing this, this season! It was a very enjoyable show and you guys were incredibly timely with the releases, especially considering it’s all a hobby and you set aside your own personal time to sub this show. Any way to donate to you guys?

  13. F2PBTW

    Thank you for all the subbing where Netflix dropped the ball 🙂

    Now watch the netflix subs be far inferior to you guys’ work, lol

  14. Kyeron

    It was a pleasure accompanying this show and your efforts to release this piece.
    Guess we can really say that TRIGGER knows how to capture and use that feeling of the “first anime”(as I was on an Akko level of excitment almost shouting through the end sequence)
    As for LWA itself: “A believing heart is our magic”, summarize it pretty well!

  15. Anon

    Thank you Trigger for saving anime once again, one frame at a time.

    And of course thank you Asenshi for bringing us this pristine quality translation with top-tier styling and typesetting just a couple of hours after Japanese release. You guise are the best.

    also remember that Diana is best girl.

  16. g

    An epic ending to a lovely show. THANKS TRIGGER! And I couldn’t have enjoyed it without you, Asenshi! THANKS ASENSHI!
    Hopefully the reaction to the netflix release will persuade them to make a sequel! (or prequel!)

  17. EinsamerWanderer

    A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the everyone involved and a special ‘thank you for everything’ for Ianu – wishing you all the best in your future pursuits. LWA had some ups and downs but all in all it was a very enjoyable series.

    “Also please make sure to (re)watch it on Netflix once it releases there to support TRIGGER! (Buying merch also helps!)”

    Or buy the BDs.

  18. Agranite

    There’s some issues opening the file with MPC (CCCP), like it has to wait for a while to open. When i open it with vlc, there were these weird artifact or corruption in the video.

  19. sakanite

    Thank you for doing the whole series! I’m sure that people wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if it weren’t for your subs!!! Are you guys planning to do a batch?

  20. nezu_nezu

    Thank you guys for all the time, effort, and love you all put into this series! It means a lot to all of us. I can’t wait to see more fansubs from you in the future!!! <3

  21. macxxx007

    Thanks so much for all your hard work! You guys did a fantastic job!

    It’s sad to see you go, Ianu, but I totally understand… Thanks for everything you’ve done…


  22. TeruMoko♥

    Thank you all for the great work on this MAGICAL series! My believing heart is bursting with happiness! You guys definitely impressed with the professionalism and dedication. Now I’m curious what The Next Show(tm) is going to be.

  23. Truly Grateful

    Your selfless actions have helped bring a big smile, and plenty of tears of joy, to my face.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my believing heart.

  24. Mormegil

    Awesome finale. Thank you so much for subbing this show!
    I’m totally buying the inevitable Diana nendoroid.

  25. Henrique

    Guys, thank you so much for subbing this! This is the first time I watched an anime subbed by you, and the quality was top notch. I’m waiting for your next project, will difinitely continue to support you. <3

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