Little Witch Academia – 23

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when tesco runs out of your favorite cup ramen flavour

I said I’d do another post when pigs start to fly… well, here I am. This episode presents another formidable argument why the idol business is a treacherous path that should be avoided at all costs. If you are a cute little girl, please consider more sustainable career paths and please, please, do not shoot for the moon. I heard they have openings in magical IT.


47 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 23

    1. Ianu Post author

      We don’t, and we wouldn’t accept money for fansubbing anyway. As tired and ridiculous as it sounds, that’d be ethically wrong.

      Consider buying original merchandise from Trigger or putting some money aside for the official BD release in your territory, or even for an import. If you have Netflix, loop LWA a lot once it’s released in your territory, just in case there’s a per-view stipulation in their contract with Trigger. And if you still want to donate money, send it to Médecins Sans Frontières or your national society of the Red Cross/Crescent Movement.

      1. rhino63

        ” send it to Médecins Sans Frontières or your national society of the Red Cross/Crescent Movement.”
        Or give it to local charities, like your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, that actually need it more than the lawyers working for these 3 organizations.

      2. kurktu

        How what an altruistic spirit, thanks a lot for your subs. ^.^

        I for my part as ‘donation’ would like to buy a sexy Ursula/Chariot-Dakimakura if Trigger brings that to life, couldn’t find such anywhere yet.. :-/

      3. anon

        I hadn’t considered the point you make, but I completely agree–I’ll try to do as many of these suggestions as I can! Thanks for all the work you guys do 🙂

  1. g

    The dynamic with Diana was expected but still adorable. I figured Chariot’s motives were pure, but I was certainly surprised that Croix came up with her motto. The production value disappointed, but it’s still a good episode that resolved the situation well. Oh 24….

  2. S108

    Look this might sound like a noobish thing to ask, but how do I play this file (or any other LWA file here)? I’ve tried the conventional mkv/torrent player and even tried converting it. Is there some simple step that I’m missing here?

    1. Ianu Post author

      Please download a codec pack and use the media player that comes with it. CCCP is old as bones now, but it should still manage to play most everything decently with the included MPC-HC, so it’s a safe choice.

      1. S108

        Just to start from zero, I uninstalled MPC-HC that I got earlier today. Then I downloaded and ran it’s included MPC-HC. MPC-HC still says it “Cannot render the file” when I try to open the mkv.torrent file. Since that didn’t work (and normal players don’t work), I’m going to try K-lite Codec Pack. Even though it didn’t work, thank you for pointing me another direction.

        1. crysis10

          Hang on Hang on. Are you trying to play a file labelled [Asenshi] Little Witch Academia – 23 [17D04E6A].mkv.torrent file? I hope you realize the file you have is not only 17kB which wayyy to small for a video file, but also that file is meant to be opened first in a torrent client program such as qBittorrent which downloads the actual video file, which is 207 MB.

          No wonder you couldn’t render. They don’t host a direct download link to the video file itself. Plus, you have to make sure the file is fully downloaded 100% before playback on MPC-HC included in CCCP.

          1. Jim

            @Crysis10: Not quite true about no DDL. All the LWA episodes are posted to this group’s XDCC bot within minutes of the torrent becoming available.

          2. crysis10

            @Jim Except Direct downloading =/= XDCC downloading however. since XDCC requires issuing a command in IRC to a server bot. See definition:

            The term “Direct Download Link” especially on a website is a phrase I’ve often seen used to refer to a URL or hyperlink that interfaces with your browser, not your IRC client. “A hyperlink that points to a location within the Internet where the user can download a file.”

            My point still stands.

        2. anon

          A torrent file is a link to a torrent download. You need a torrent client to download the actual mkv file first.
          Or did you think the episode was only like 20 kilobytes?

      2. S108

        Update 2: I decided to try a different site to download the subbed mkv file, just to see if that worked. It did, even having the same filename (except it was an ordinary mkv file, not an mkv.torrent file).

        Thank you for your help and for subbing this great anime! Best wishes.

        1. Arif Ayase D'Jaya

          Well, you have wrong move from the start, [filename].mkv.torrent is meant to be opened with bittorrent client such as utorrent, vuze, qbittorrent, and such. That client then download the video for you. Just try it next time

  3. przemoc

    Thank you for your continuous work on the show. It’s much appreciated!

    I must say that LWA mostly wasn’t living up to my expectations. Until recent episodes, that is. Well, maybe I was a bit too hyped about the show as I liked the movies. I cannot deny that watching it was and is entertaining, but we had to wait for the second cour to finally see some major progress in plot and only since a few episodes back things started getting real, intense, and somewhat paying out our time investment. I especially liked the previous episode. Anyway, truly enjoying the show right now and looking forward to the grand finale^W^W Grand Triskelion!

    One idea that came to my mind today (not sure whether it was or is floating on internet already) is that Trigger could try to somehow connect LWA TV with LWA movies via this world reconstruction magic, i.e. LWA TV being prequel of the movies. It all comes down to how powerful is this Grand Triskelion and whether it only reconstructs current world or allows rebuilding it and rewinding time to relive in the new changed state.

  4. anon

    I’m trying to download this episode on my Synology NAS, but all I get is an “Error” without any visible error message.
    I didn’t have any troubles with the past 22 episodes. Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong?

    1. anon

      Nevermind, the problem only appeared when downloading the torrent via RSS.
      All I had to do was download the file directly on my PC, then upload it to my NAS. Not exactly an optimal solution, but as long as it works…

  5. TeruMoko♥

    GASP! Oh my poor believing heart! Akko ain’t the only one crying. Anyway what a conclusion! Cannot wait for the next ep!
    If I shouldn’t shoot for the moon is it okay to just shoot it? It’s either that or make a contract with this weird talking space cat thing that just won’t leave me alone.

  6. Azriel

    Question! What’s the name of the font you guys use for the opening?? Thanks! Ya’ll are fantastic.


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