Little Witch Academia – 21

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What words between them yet remain?

Two important things to announce: 1) The original release tonight will be a v0 only because of the encode. We’re releasing with BS11 now, and the Netflix rip later. Don’t wait for it. Nevermind, v1 up now with a proper encode. 2) We updated the progress sidebar, so you don’t need to refresh the page to see the live status. It updates automatically.


24 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 21

    1. joletb

      Any uploads that you see on that are not under the Asenshi account are not uploaded by us.

    1. joletb

      We can always put up new links, also we’re only changing distro stuff after LWA is done airing.

    2. Jim

      While there may not be a magnet link, there is the XDCC bot on the IRC channel. A copy/paste command to download from it is available through searching on the XDCC packlist page link above.

  1. nono

    using another source to get the episode out asap, you are TOO kind
    i mean it, cause i wouldnt have done that

    THANKS as always

  2. TeruMoko♥

    Oh my god! Way back when I first watched original LWA I thought it was perfect in its presentation. The studio’s next effort left a lot to be desired in my book so I watched this series unfold with tempered expectations. However, with each new ep the new series has been gaining my affinity and to that end this ep dropped the bomb! Let’s just say that after all this is I will definitely require more Charoix!
    Thanks again for working on this. Beyond being an incredibly worthy effort on its own, this is one of the two series I’m actually excited about watching this season.


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