Little Witch Academia – 20

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Gokigenyou, Japan

Am I the only one noticing the whole Venus thing going on here? And they’re both perfect, best in their class, slightly haughty but justified by hard-earned skill… Basically I’m calling Diana an idol. Also, according to Ianu’s research, a Venusian eclipse happens in alternating cycles of 8 and 120 years. I wonder how much Trigger did their research on that one.


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  1. Kodyack

    Fucking new LWA is as good as a blowjob in the morning.

    Though it still weirds me out that in this universe science seems to trump magic in everything but show.

    “Science has made the most of the field of magical medicine irrelevant”

    Bitch HOW? Fucking surgeons fuck up all the time, maladies break out all the time, I have to suffer through the sniffles cause some asshat vaccinated polio? What is going on in the background of this world?

    1. zqhpnqir 

      It is strongly implied that doing magic properly requires great preparation and it is difficult. In the second episode you see that the university classes sounds like a real-world university, just with “Magic” in front.
      Unlike in simplistic RPG settings magic is hardly perfect in LWA, probably healing via magic is still much better than placebo, but similar (or possibly even worst) than mundane methods.
      Besides, magic is becoming less and less powerful so alternative methods are more and more important.

      Finally, surgeons got it right most of the time in our world.

  2. EB

    Thanks as always.

    A note on astronomy: there is a bit of ambiguity regarding the meaning of a Venusian “eclipse.” One meaning is Venus passing between the Earth and the Sun; this is more commonly called a “transit of Venus” and it’s what comes in alternating cycles of 8 and 120 years. The other meaning–what happened in the episode–is the Moon passing between the Earth and Venus. This is called an occultation and is much more frequent, with Venus occultations occurring anywhere from 0 to 6 times per calendar year, with an average frequency of 177 days. So, still not actually in line with Trigger’s “wait a few years” of the episode, but at least it’s not a century.

    More info:

    1. Anon

      >So, still not actually in line with Trigger’s “wait a few years” of the episode
      It is if you consider you have to see it specifically from Britain. If we are to check the link below for simulations of occultations, we can pinpoint the episode as taking place on 6 April 2016. The next time Diana will be able to perform the ritual is on 19 June 2020.

  3. EB

    Although now that I think about it, they may also have meant the occultation had to be visible from the Cavendish estate, and that could maybe turn it into a several-year wait. (Maybe. I’m no astronomer.)

  4. /ai/non

    Diana also ate steak in the last episode, even though it was kinda shitty-looking as opposed to Elza’s.

    1. joletb

      No, since the TV version contains mistranslations during the early episodes. Wait for the BDs instead.

  5. g

    Are you sure Chariot’s broom is called Shiny Volley? It could be rendered Shiny Balai. “Balai” is broom in French.


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