Little Witch Academia – 19

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Literally my face on Mother’s Day morning

When Akko and Diana convince you to drop everything and be with your mother, you know you’ve made a good anime. Also, at least some of us here apparently would enjoy having hot bitchy twin cousins. I’ll let you decide whether you think that’s a good thing or not.


31 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – 19

        1. TeruMoko♥

          In my experience nothing beats Tixati. I don’t think it’s very popular but it works really well for me.

          1. Bracket

            Aye, I personally prefer Tixati. Tixati | qBittorrent > Deluge > Transmission | Vuze > Everything else.

            qBittorrent was pretty buggy last I used it a couple years ago due to the main developer having left, but I believe the current maintainer is doing an alright job these days along with other contributors.

            FWIW, Deluge is based on the same awesome torrent library as qBittorrent.

      1. da

        1: download the torrent
        2: encode it as 1920×1080 x264, open in in aegisub and add in some fabulous karaoke for all the insert songs
        3: encode back to a 704×480 xvid
        4: encode to 1280×720 rmvb
        5: encode back to 704×480 xvid. following this stage you now can now decode it with 3 different codecs for thrice the playback power!
        6: open in vlc
        7: take screenshots of each individual frame
        8: record the audio with your phone
        9: encode the audio from the phone to 7.1 flac to reduce rotational velocidensity
        10: encode it again to q-1.0 vorbis
        11: encode it again to 192kbps aac
        12: make a slideshow of the screenshots with windows movie maker
        13: add in your audio
        14: add in some linkin park to play alongside the audio, it’s like watching an amv!
        15: use windows movie makers build in encoder to encode to youtube size
        16: upload to youtube, add in loads of annotations and emoticons
        17: download the .flv from youtube
        18: open in vlc
        19: nagisa dies at the end of clannad

        1. TiredOcean

          Unfortunately YouTube discontinued the annotation feature for new uploads recently, so this guide won’t work :/

  1. madara1212

    Will you consider uploading the file to and It makes life easier when you’re using Taiga for automatic downloads.

  2. TeruMoko♥

    Oh my god the drama yo! I got so caught up the ending completely snuck up on me and GYAH I have to have more! That was a Shiny Chariot card in the box Diana carefully removed from Akko’s presence right? YAY!
    Thanks again everyone!

    1. Jim

      @TeruMoko, Not only that, the card shown when Diana opens the box is also the one card that Akko was unable to obtain. (Akko has collected all the Shiny Chariot cards except one… that one. It was first shown during a flashback in episode 2 at 14:31)

      @Velken lakov, getting sound but no video suggests the computer trying to play the video lacks the proper “codec” (a set of machine instructions telling the computer how to decompress the video data) One set of these instructions can be found as the “Combined Community Codec Pack” at

  3. Ariel

    Thank you! Though I need to bring something to attention in the lines at 21:20. The first line spoken is in past tense, and the second, “older sister” and “your mother” are referring to the same person, yet the choice of words and syntax does not reflect this.

    This might work more accurately:

    “What has obsessing with the old resulted in?
    My older sister, your mother, kept doing unprofitable aids in the name of tradition- and how did it turn out for her?”

    Sorry to meddle, I hope I’m not untimely.

  4. anon

    I just recently noticed that Nyaa was gone (I was wondering why I didn’t get any new LWA episodes).

    Just out of curiosity: Is there a reason why you avoid using Magnet torrents?

    1. Jim

      @anon, They tried posting Magnet links during the first few hours after Nyaa was taken offline a couple episodes ago. Although I don’t know the reason, those links were not working correctly according to the comments. Also, depending upon how you read the legislation, those links can possibly also get a webmaster into hot water in some countries.


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